3 Ways to change your address

Once in a while, we are all bound to move from our current homes. The question, however, is “how the hell are you going to receive your mail, favorite magazines, gift cards and other important documents that can’t be sent through email without notifying others of your new address?” Well, the process of changing your address may be a little daunting but with proper organization and planning, you will be able to make it easy and fast.First and foremost, get answers to some crucial questions like who should know, when you should let them know, what you need to know and how to notify them .Whom should you notify?well, the list of people you need to notify may be long but first, think of the people and organizations that matter most to you. Write down all your family members and friends as well as organizations offering crucial services like the medical contacts list (personal doctor, dentist, optometrist, gynecologist and the like). Also don’t forget to include your children’s school, lawn care service provider and housecleaning service providers. If you are a fun of reading your newspapers and magazines at home, then you also need to include the organization offering the service way in time before moving. The point here is to ensure you don’t leave out any important contact including government agencies.When should you notify them and how?it is always recommendable that you complete a change of address with the US postal service two weeks to your moving date. However, you can do this as early as three months prior to the date find out more on www.my-moving-resources.com. Remember, it may take some time before the address changes go through hence the need to do it in time. In short, allow your contacts to know your address-change at least two weeks before moving.
While changing your address, you may use these three ways:
1. Go online and fill out the change of address(COA) form at the US postal service website or contact your local post office on phone and request for the form then fill it and deliver it to the post office in person.
2. Notifying your social security administration to determine if you receive benefits then contacting the nearest social security office to report your change of address.
3. Changing your address for the IRS by submitting a written statement to request for change of address.
Upon changing the address, you may use your bills and statements to help notify the people you want to know about your change of address. You may call them or use postcards to notify all your contacts.The easy and fast way outThe entire process of changing your address and notifying your contacts may be quite tedious especially if your hands are full with other tasks. The easy and fast way out, therefore, is to contact a reputable service provider to do the task on your behalf as you handle other things.All you needThe entire process of changing your address and notifying your contacts only needs you to have your new address in handy as well as your new phone number, credit card number, and email address. Changing your address doesn’t need to be any tedious with this information. Well, go ahead and ensure your contacts know your new address way before moving.