Changing Address Online

Moving homes is a pretty big deal with a long list of to-dos. From packing everything to cleaning the house, most of it is time-consuming and costly. One of the major to-dos on that list is changing addresses, and that can seem like a daunting task. In reality, changing your address is a pretty painless process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes out of your day. You can even do it while relaxing on the couch between commercial breaks on your packing break! Learn more fromĀ
How to change your address at the US Post Office.
There are two ways to go about changing your address at the US Post Office when you’re moving homes. One is in person at the post office and the other one is online at USPScom/move, both ways are simple and quick.
Changing your address online.
This is the fastest way to change your address and it’s not expensive, there are no hoops that you have to jump through and you get an email confirming your address change. You simply go to the site USPScom/move and fill out the appropriate information. You will be asked to pay a $1 fee via a credit card or debit card when changing your address online, you will also be asked to provide a valid email address. This will confirm that you are who you say you are and help prevent fraud. They want to be positive that you are you before allowing the address change to go through. After all, you wouldn’t want a stranger to be able to go change your address whenever they decide that they want your magazine subscriptions.
Going to your local post office.
While you can do everything online you can also go change your address at the local post office. Simple go to your local post office and ask for a Mover’s Guide packet. Inside of your Mover’s Guide packet, you should find a form called the PS Form 3575. Just fill out the form and give it to the post office worker behind the counter or drop it into the mail slot at your local post office. That’s it, you should receive a letter within the next five business days at your new address confirming your new address.
Things to remember.
If anyone or any website asks you for suspicious information or money, they aren’t legit. The only websites that can legally help you change your address are the official website of the government and United States, and they shouldn’t charge you more than a small confirmation fee. If you can’t find the appropriate website then just go in and ask at the post office.
Remember that when done online you should receive your email confirmation very quickly and when done at the post office it should only take five business days. When filling out your information, take time to make sure that you double check that you’ve filled in the correct new address, if you’re doing it online make sure you fill out the correct email address as well. Be patient and if you don’t get your confirmation in a timely manner ask the post office about it.p