Different Ways to Change your Address

Hey there reader? Have you ever wondered how to change your address but simply don’t know how or you have know basis to start from. Fear ye not, for thou cometh to the correct place. We are going to discuss various ways to which you may use to change your address. The reasons for the change your address may be solely your idea or so as to fit your many mailing desires in life.

There are two main ways of which one can change their address lines in the United States.

The first which seems like the old fashioned way, is going down by the local post office and requesting a Mover’s Guide Package. It contains a form known as PS Form 3575. The form is filled with all correct details and it is handed back to the post office personnel or dropped of at the local post office mail box slot.

A confirmation letter regarding the change of address is received by the applicant within 5 to 7 business days after the day it is received.

Moving on to the second way of changing addresses which matches this golden technological era is through the United States Postal Service website, USPS.com/move However, the USPS site does not give blank and downloadable forms but one simply follows some easy step. There is a wizard formulated whereby you feed in the correct information to the system. The details you put in are then used to download an already filled PS Form 3575. This is the fastest and easiest way and ensures efficiency while changing an address.There is a charge online however for downloading the form online. Beware of fraudulent people who hike prices to about $50 or other prices while the standard price is $1. What is needed is the holder’s email address and the fee. The fee is charged so as to avoid fraud and as a identity verification among other forms of verifying identity. Once you visit the USPS website under move and peruse through the privacy statement and the terms and conditions. Then you choose whether it is a temporary move or a permanent one, whichever you want according to what suites you best. Then you will be required to give your social security number or your driving license instant saving so that if you change online you will get savings which may make the switch free, maybe.

There is also the old fashioned way of downloading the Adobe PDF through various sites excluding the USPS site since it does not give the Pdf but a wizard to fill in. Then when you download and fill the application you send it to The Post Master Of the United States Postal Service.

However you decide to bring about the change, i think the online means is the fastest and most efficient compared to the rest. All in all, the end justifies the means, is what should be considered since all these ways are efficient.

All as simple as that. If you want to change your address just read this through and have it done and POOF!!!