The ABC (and D) of being Real Estate Agents

A Real Estate Agent operates in one of the most dynamic and fascinating industries. It is a busy profession but at the same time a very rewarding job with high possibilities of great commissions.

So, what does it mean to be a Real Estate Agent?

1. Agents are businessmen and communicators
Real Estate Agents are first of all businessmen. Their job is to be mediators between two people who want to close a deal by selling and buying properties. Since this job is very competitive, good agents need a specific set of skills to fully operate in the market.
First of all, communication. A good Realtor is the one who can communicate with clients and solve any doubt they could have. The real estate industry is also time-sensitive, so a quick and clear communication is needed to close up the best deals.

A Realtor is a salesman. This means that sales skills are essential to earn the highest commissions. Realtors are an independent contractor, and this means that they need to be able to manage their own business, just like the big guys in the Houston real estate game e.g. sell my house fast houston.

2. Build strong relationships
In this job relationships are everything. If you don’t have outstanding networking skills, the possibilities of succeeding in the industry are close to zero.

To check your networking skills, you can ask yourself a simple question: who do I know? It is true though that it is not just quantity that counts. It is obvious that one single multimillionaire client interested in investing in properties is a very good catch.

Knowing as many people as you can is essential, but relationships always have two directions. Being a Realtor does not mean just being able to talk with clients, it also means being able to listen to your clients. The agent is the person who is supposed to make all the questions and to have the answers that perfectly suit his client’s needs.

3. Create and sell your personality too
A good salesman needs to sell himself too. It may sound like a bold statement, but it is very true. Clients’ interest in a property is very much affected by the way you present it, by your words and the enthusiasm you put in doing it. A great motivation behind your job is a good starting point.

Being good salesmen though does not mean you have to sell your soul to the devil. Sticking to your principles and values is indeed very appreciated by clients. Misleading or late communication and hidden information will only take you far away from closing good deals.

4. Digital Realtors
In the digital era, telemarketing and web marketing need to go hand in hand in real estate industry. Being a Realtor also means always being up to date with technology to create winning selling and business strategies.

Your reputation on the web is also very important. This is the first place where people search for reputable Realtors, and this is why you should build a good network and share a list of reviews from previous clients.

A good salesperson is also very adaptable. Try to shape your personality and communication in a way that perfectly matches your client’s needs. For example, if your client wants to communicate with you only via email or only via phone, just try to be flexible.