The procedure to replacing a social security card

Most individuals have had that sinking feeling once an important document is misplaced, lost, or even stolen. Many unanswered questions disturb our minds. For instance, what do you do when your child loses his or her Social Security card? The importance of Social Security Card can make parents worry much when their kid loses it. Replacing the card is no longer an up task to you anymore. Provided you can prove beyond no doubt the identity of your child; the procedure is such simple.

Fill the required information in the form and use it to review the documents to be provided. Note that all the documents submitted must be current and no photocopies at all.

The primary documents to be provided to the social security offices must be the ones proving your child’s identity. These documents for the ss card application include; US driver’s license, US passport, and state identification card. The parent will be required to provide any of these documents when submitting the application form. Note that a birth certificate cannot be used as a proof of your child identity.

In case your child lacks any of the above documents do not panic. You can as well use any of the following document provided they contain the name of the child, identifying information like the age and date of birth, and preferably photograph. Moreover, you can use the adoption decree, hospital record, school record, school identity card, or hospital record.

After proving child’s identity, the parent must also prove theirs. Proving of identification by the parent is done by providing original documents bearing their name, photograph and identification information like age and date of birth. Any of the following documents can be used: US passport, US driver’s license, or Identity Card. The parent must also provide documents proving their child age and United States Citizenship in case they are not in the records of the Social Security Card agency. The age of a child can be proved using US birth certificate, US hospital birth record, religious record, or US passport. On the other hand, child’s citizenship is proved using US birth certificate, US passport, certificate of citizenship, certificate of naturalization, or US consular report. Note that these are not necessary if you had initially provided them to the Social Security. Once you have satisfied all the above requirements, you can mail the document and the dully-filled application form to the Social Security office or take them in the form of hard copies to your local Social Security Card center. After the application and with correct documentation, you wait for the replacement card within 10 to 14 working days.

Note that any person is limited to three replacement cards within a year and ten in the lifetime. However, the above limitations do not apply if one can prove it’s due to hardship problems. Therefore, it’s recommendable that parents take care of their child’s Social Security Card. Do not carry the card with you but keep it in a specific safe place.