Tips on choosing the right doormat

It requires a lot of work to keep your floor cleaner. Keeping door mat outside and inside of your entryway is an effective way to keep the floor cleaner, but it’s necessary to choose the right door mat for places. Here are different types of door mats, you can choose appropriate one by your need.

Scraper Mats
Scraper Mats are the type of door mats that resist the entry of dirt and water into your home. Scraper mat is used as an outdoor mat. These mats are quite abrasive and usually has edges that rub against the shoe bottom to remove dirt. Also, the mats are designed to trap dirt inside, and helps to give cleaner look for longer periods. Buy the mats from the 50roots Website to get the best quality possible.

Interior Mats
Interior mats behave as a secondary line of defence. Interior mats works very nicely with Scraper mats. These mats need to placed appropriately inside the doors to remove or eliminate further dirt, dusts and water particles. Ensure that your indoor mat has the non-slip backing or the base surface is made of rubber to avoid any slipping. Non-slip tapes can also be used to keep your mats in place.

Outdoor/indoor Mats
There are several mats available which are appropriate for outdoor as well as indoor. However, it’s important to look for mats absorption and scrapping qualities. Also, If you buy a mat that works in both outdoor and indoor condition, it’s necessary to put the mats on both side of the door to ensure that no dirt, dust or water particles get into your house.

Decorative Mats
These are beautifully designed mats, but sometimes they are not much effective in performance. They don’t help to catch dirt and dust always. Before buying any such mats, check its absorbency material used on the mat. Buy the one which is durable enough to fulfill the requirement.

Choosing The Right One

Before you select any doormat, you must be knowing the exact place where you will be using it. Choose the one which can withstand outdoor elements and the environment if want to keep it for outdoor purposes. For indoor purposes, the mat must be non-slippery.

Check the size of the doormat. Size of your door mat should not be too big or too small. The size must be appropriate concerning the area of the place where it will be used.

Don’t forget to check the height of the doormat. There are some doormats available which are too thick and can resist the closing of doors.

Avoid buying the beautifully or nicely designed doormats which are not able to collect dust and dirt effectively. They may look very nice, but when it comes to keeping the floor clean, they are not much effective.

Most of the mats kept in sunny area use to fade and need to be replaced after certain periods of time. Similarly, mats kept on carpeted flooring or hardwood can cause uneven fade, the floor will get darker under the mat.

Whenever you buy a doormat for any condition or situation, ensure that you know your need and whether the mat will be able to fulfill you’re that need or not. The right mat will always keep your floor cleaner, safer and will reduce the cleaning cost and time.