Grab a peach

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Summer is here. I select my first peach from the backyard tree. Nothing cools June as biting into the first peach of the year. The dog jumps up and down, and the children point and grab for top branches. “Get that one, get it.”
There’s a fine cling peach, about four feet up. I select it, and the smell of pollen strikes the senses as I sting in.
I get a bucket along with the trusty wood cherry-picking ladder. My brother and sister and the uncles and aunts wait for my tree to enter year. It’s time to determine how many excellent peaches the scrub jays have snacked on at the treetop. May be as I pick, I will snack on a few like those pesky birds.
“Throw down some. Throw down some” I find a nice cling and toss it down. I pick one for myself. The sticky juice gets on my hands as I toss the fuzzy clings into the bucket- ker-plunk.
I have about twenty to thirty nice big ones. The branch starts to bough under the bucket. Pesky bird. You can have all the tree back. My sister just wanted some peaches.
I find another good snacking cling. Might as well get a good one off the treetop while I’m up here. Juice drips down my chin- too good to waste. It’s a sunny day. Summer is here. Have a peach.

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