Italian Bread

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Bread is one of the most simple food stuffs within our diet and we take it for granted. If you’re reading this from the UK then your idea of bread will be the horrible mass produced plastic wrapped loaf of sliced white bread that’s full of additives and preservatives. Even if you don’t purchase the packet sliced white loaf the odds are that you purchase your bread out of a grocery store but go for the more over priced mass produced specialty breads which British super markets now sell. Hardly any people in the UK now purchase their daily bread from a baker and due to this the village or city bakeries are closing down. If you are lucky enough to have a small bakery near you ensure that you encourage it, I assure you that the produce that you buy from there’ll be infinitely better than that of a super sector.
Bread has had a bad press over the last few years, many individuals now see eating bread among the thinning deadly sins, but if you chose the appropriate bread, made with un-bleached white flour, yeast, sugar, water and salt or even the wholemeal variant, and ensure that you don’t eat a lot of it you’ll be OK. Great fresh wholesome bread is a great deal better for you than many food stuffs which people substitute into their diet.
Bread is the most frequently used staple of all, but the home-baked variety is a rare commodity. Making bread is significantly simpler than you may imagine and can be much more a fun process than buying it at the super industry.
Bread fills me with excitement and anticipation and for these reasons I want to talk about it and discuss it with everyone I meet. Bread is a simple pleasure. In Italy no table is laid without it and no meal complete. Made nicely with good basic ingredients and left to rise for the correct length of time, bread is highly nutritious; a complex carbohydrate that helps to release energy more slowly through our blood system. Bread and extra virgin olive oil need to be one of life’s greatest food combinations. Well educated, all the various phases of bread making are available and easy. Any fantastic cook book with a baking section will teach you the basics of bread baking, and so long as you have got the correct ingredients, equipment and an oven you should have the ability to get fairly decent results.
Italian bread is some of the tastiest there is, and there is a wealth of different style of bread as well. Focaccia is highly popular in Italy and is now becoming more popular abroad. Focaccia is an Italian bread that’s baked apartment in an oven, which sometimes has onions on the top, in addition to herbs or other foodstuffs. Focaccia is usually seasoned with olive oil and herbs and topped with cheese, outside of Italy it is mainly used as a sandwich bread.
Finally, if any of you have ever had a true Italian pizza in Italy in a traditional pizzeria then you’ll have tasted the deliciously crisp bread base of the pizza. Simply the best bread around Earth.

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