Why you should use weather stripping garage doors

Purpose of Weather Stripping
The weather stripping located at the bottom of the garage door has two purposes:
1. It provides a cushion for your garage door to prevent contact and hitting the floor.
2. It provides a tight seal to keep out various elements.

How to Know if your Garage Door Needs Weather Stripping?
In order to know if your garage door still needs improvement for the upcoming weather change, you should visually inspect your garage doors.

• Check your garage doors if it has gaps between sections, around the side, and at the bottom when the door is fully closed. Tip: you can wait until evening then stand inside the garage door if a light is visible and passes through your garage doors have holes in it and needs repairing.
• Check for existing vinyl weather seal that is located outside of your door along the opening for signs of wear.
• Check for cracked seals and repair it immediately.
• Check the condition of your door jambs and headers.

Benefits of Garage Door with Weather Stripping
There are a lot of benefits of weather stripping garage doors. Some of the benefits are:
• Garage door with weather stripping can lower heating and cooling costs.
– Gaps or holes allow heat or cold to come out your house which increases heating and cooling costs.
• Garage door with weather stripping seals out cold air, hot air, moisture and unwanted pests and creature
– A gap between the bottom of your garage door and driveway allows dirt to penetrate your house. It also allows rodents and insect to come into your garage and nest which creates infestation problems. In times of bad weather, rain, hail, and snow could come into your garage and might damage your tools and possessions. You can also stop worrying of your possessions that might get rusty and concern for your stored food that might be infested by rodents or pests.
– Garage door with weather stripping avoids scratches
– It prevents the bottom of your garage door to leaves scratches in your driveway helping to prevent damages for your garage door and driveway.

Types of Weather Stripping
There are different types of weather stripping, one of the most common types is PVC stop molding. Supposedly your garage door should be lined perfectly within the wood frame and will leave no gap when the garage door is fully closed. But in reality, the door does not fit very well on the entire outline of the frame.

With the help of PVC stop molding, when installed on the edges of the frame, it acts as a bridge to avoid the gap between the garage door and the frame. The other common type of seal is the Vinyl Flaps which is installed on the top and the side of the garage door. Most garage doors have aluminum retaining tracks on the bottom which allows brush, rubber or vinyl strips to slide easily into place; some case is fastened with screws. With this, homeowners can slide or unfasten the strips easily when it is needed to be replaced.